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About Us

Feb 24, 2022


Our Team

Southern Alberta Language Assessment Services (SALAS Ltd.) is a Lethbridge business. Six professionally trained assessors, a Client Services coordinator, and three Client Services Assistants work for SALAS and offer assessments for Refugees, Permanent Residents, Protected Persons, Canadian citizens and Private clients.

What is Language Assessment?

This is an English test of four skills:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

You will receive Benchmark scores from 1-8 in all four areas.

What should you expect?

When you come for your assessment please:

  • Be ready to stay for 2 hours
  • Leave small children at home
  • Bring your Permanent Resident card or proof of Canadian citizenship.

Why is assessment important?

Assessments open doors. After an assessment, you can go to school to learn English or you can get a job.

When can you be assessed?

Contact us by email to make an appointment for an assessment.